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About the Project

This project is an experimental database of personal memories that illustrate the history of the past sixty years.

Each of the papers in this archive has been submitted (and written) by a student in one of our western or world civilization history courses. The student has focused on the experiences of his/her family since World War II and how those family experiences have, or have not, been influenced by historical events that have taken place in the world. Every family has a history, and all of those histories put together make a large-scale historical narrative. The hope is that this project will give students a better understanding of the personal dimension of the meaning of history as opposed to the more abstract history that they read in their textbook.

I have been teaching history now for over twenty years, and much of my focus has been on applying technology to the study and teaching of history. My home pages with my courses and digital projects are at www.nvcc.edu/home/cevans/ and www.ctevans.net.