Contribution Terms of Service

You are contributing your materials to the Historical Memory Archive. Your participation in this project will allow future faculty, students, researchers and people to better understand the personalized history of the past sixty or so years.

Your submission of material constitutes your permission for, and consent to, its dissemination and use in connection with Historical Memory Archive in all media in perpetuity. The material you submit must have been created by you, wholly original, and shall not be copied from or based, in whole or in part, upon any other photographic, literary, or other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain.

Use of the content of this website may be used for educational purposes. All other intentions of use must first obtain permission.

You will be sent via email a confirmation of your contribution to the databse. Please be sure to keep a copy.

Copyrights for materials in the archive are retained by the original creators, unless otherwise noted.