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The family has its roots in Oklahoma and experienced most of the events of the 1960s, including military service during the Vietnam War.

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Her family lived through harrowing events in East Asia in the 1970s only to later face the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

His family roots lie on the Korean peninsula in both North and South Korea.

Much of his family was forced to flee Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion and the setting up of a puppet, communist government.

Part of her grandparents and family fought in World War II; while the other side of her family perished in the Holocaust.

Extended family originated in Germany and many relatives were involved in both world wars.

Family has Turkish roots, but older grandparents were Russian who escaped after 1917.

Bangladesh has seen its share of turmoil since Britain left the sub-continent in 1948, and this family has seen those events first hand.

Living in northeastern Pennsylvania, this family lived through the economic depression that swept the area in the 1970s (along with the destruction of Hurricane Agnes).

The family's roots are from Northern Virginia, which is rather rare considering how many millions of people who have moved here since the 1960s.
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